You Love MG: John Watson’s MGB roadster

Words and pictures by John Watson

 MGBAs chairman of the MG Car Club’s MGB register, it’s unsurprising to find that John Watson loves MG, but even those that wouldn’t go as far as to say they ‘love’ the marque are bound to be swayed by John’s stunning Iris Blue mk I MGB.

I purchased this 1964 MGB Mk1 in June 1989, it was many shades of Iris Blue with the glove box and door trims broken and rust holes in the floor, it was MOT’d and the engine ran.

EBW45B left the Abingdon MG Factory on the 13th November 1964, it was one of the first MGB’s fitted with the new 5 bearing engine, but still with the 3 syncro gearbox. It went to University Motors in London and then onto Harold Webb Motors in Romford where it was sold to a Mrs Irene Port from Upminster in Essex and register as HEV 612B on the 3rd December 1964.

The MGB was owned by two owners before being re registered EBW45B in 1986, I am the 4th owner.

Over the winter of 1991/2 The car was stripped by Steve and Ray Illing at Abingdon Car Restorations just outside Abingdon, new wings, floors and sills were fitted and painted in the correct colour of Iris Blue. The engine was dismantled, balanced and rebuilt by Geoff Allen, an ex Abingdon MG factory man.

Eurodisney 1992

The car was completed in time to enter in to the EuroDisney Rally in aid of Children in Need in May 1992.

In 1995 EBW was one of the cars that drove to Geneva to be present at the launch of the new MGF. Other countries visited in with the MGB are Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Ireland, as well as attending many events in the UK.

In readiness for the 50th anniversary year of the MGB in 2012, I had the car restored for the second time by Steve and Ray of Abingdon Car Restoration, this time we fitted new pull handle doors and had another respray of Iris Blue.

On January 1st 2013 the speedo clocked over 99,999.

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