Life at the Summit: January 2015

WP_20150112_001Firstly let me say Happy New Year to all our readers on “I Love MG” and to our customers, past, present and future!

Could this be the turning point for MG?- with around 2400 new cars sold in the UK and being the best percentage increase in sales, then 2014 sure was a good year! 2015 should hopefully show further improvement and with more new MG product not too far away, then it shows that MG’s parent company SAIC has intent in re establishing MG as a force to be reckoned with Worldwide!

December is always a difficult time in car sales, as not many people get brought a new car by Santa! However, having a very busy workshop and parts department keeps us going and we’ve started off 2015 with a flyer, taking several new MG3 & MG6 orders! I know I keep “harping on” about this, but MG3 Style at only £9999 represents fantastic value for money, so if you drive a classic MG and are thinking of buying a new Toyota Yaris, VW Up, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa or Audi A1, then DON’T!…… Why not save the price of a damn good holiday, or two (when comparing to a similar spec model) and buy a new MG3 instead!


Let’s get the year started with a bang!…..Summit Garage have the New Year Sale and many reductions of £200, £500, even £900 on many used cars, so come and grab a bargain, call the Summit Sales Team on 01384 259555 (option 1) for more details!

So then, as we turn the corner into January, a lot of us start to think of our classic MG and the short wait to be able to get out on the road once more and enjoy the sunshine of spring (hopefully, fingers crossed and all that!). Before bringing your MG “back to life” it’s worth carrying out a few simple checks to make sure that it has wintered well! Start with a levels check, oil, water etc. Then make sure your tyres are still in good condition and not forgetting to check your tyre pressures! It’s also worth starting the car and operating the clutch a few times. Now I’m one for believing that on a dry winters day, there is nothing better than a drive out in the MG RV8 with the roof off to blow the cobwebs away and remind me why I love MG in the first place!!


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