Metro Resto Part 3: Engine out

10409210_794923947221954_1067588400948287801_nBen’s work is continuing on the restoration of his MG Metro. Over the past two weekends work has concentrated on completely stripping the front end of the car which is now complete…

Firstly the engine was prepared to be removed, removing the gear linkage undoing all of the engine mounts and removing the drive shafts from the gear box. Again this has been done with help from a couple of friends who were able to borrow an engine hoist to lift the engine from the car.

The plan is to strip all of the external components from the engine in order to clean it and paint it the correct red. The engine and gear box were rebuilt in 1994, the block was repainted but in a much darker red to the one that was originally used.

Whilst doing this one area that will need attention was discovered. There was a patch on the O/S inner wing with around 10 bolts through it. We discovered that a small area of rust had been repaired at some point in the past but instead of welding a patch in place a patch was bolted in! Something that we all found very strange. All this has been removed and a proper repair will be made.

10170750_794890623891953_8780730872119381055_nNext, the front subframe was removed. This itself is in remarkably clean condition with no rust at all. I will still be having it stripped and repainted. Various parts within the engine bay will also be reconditioned to bring them back to their original finish. For example I’ll be having the Hydragas suspension displacer units recoated so that they will have the same finish that they would have had the day they were fitted to the car.

All of the other components within the engine bay were then removed, Heater Fan, Break and Clutch cylinders and various pipes that run across the bulkhead. These will also be reconditioned where appropriate.

The plan is next to remove the rear subframe and the various associated components.

The car will then be a bare shell !!

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