Life at the Summit: December 2014


Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

At Summit Garage, though we treat our work seriously, we like to have some fun too! November was really busy for us and ended with a week at Morrisons in Kingswinford promoting the MG3. We had lots of interest and hopefully that will turn into sales soon!

It’s now early December and I guess lots of you are thinking “what can I get him/her for Christmas this year?”……well, how about one of these? A full car care kit with its very own special MG bag that can always be used for other things once the polish has gone!! They include, High Gloss Wash, Silicone Spray, Luxury Wax Polish, Brisk trim cleaner, Finishing Touch tyre spray, Clear Glass cleaner, Powerful Universal Cleaner for wheels, as well as a large Hydra Cham and polishing clothes too! We’ve only got 9 left in stock and at £80 including VAT, they are selling fast!! Call Simon on 01384 259555 (option 3) and he can get one out to you in time for Christmas!

DSC03312 DSC03313

So then, that’s the ad out the way – let’s talk about Summit and what’s happening……We’ve just taken our 70th new MG order this year and I’m delighted with the reception that MG3 has had and feel sure that there is nothing that touches it for value in the UK right now! We’re talking £9999 for the top range MG3 Style and it seems that all of our customers agree with a whopping 90% of our MG3 sales being from that top range model!

Our workshop is very busy with repairs and we’re starting to get the first MG3’s we supplied last year back in for service too – £189.00 is the price for the routine first 15,000 miles service on an MG3 and on the whole, customers are pleased with their purchase 12 months on, with very little in the way of problems to report back.

I’m gonna sign off now, until January, here’s to wishing all my MG friends a very good Christmas and a great 2015 and hoping you get everything MG that you wish for J!! I’ll leave you with a picture of Summit Garage, hope that one day you’ll come pay us a visit, share in a free coffee and talk about all and anything that is MG!

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