Metro Resto Part 2: The Strip down

Ben Hatton continues the restoration of his MG Metro by beginning to strip the car down…


So after a few delays I have finally been able to make a start on the restoration of my mkI MG Metro 1300. I had hoped to start the project a lot sooner but my MGF has required some attention.

I first started by removing to interior fittings, seats, seat belts, carpets and all the various bits of trim that are fitted in the car. All these came out without any issue and most of the fittings were removed within 2 hours on Monday evening. I did have a certain amount of worry about lifting the carpets for fear of what I would find. Metros are well-known for being a bit rusty ! I was really pleased to find that the floors are solid with only two small sections on the inner rear arches and a seam in the front passenger foot well requiring attention.

I next removed the rear bumper, lights, spoiler and found that all the metal work behind them was in a remarkably clean condition with only a couple of small rust scabs.

1621688_787748944606121_8111362663164375397_nNext it was time to remove all the glass from the car. This was done with help from a couple of friends. This is my first project and it was something I didn’t want to attempt myself as I didn’t want to damage the glass. Again this was done without finding any major problems. A small rust hole was found in the top left hand corner of the wind screen but it looks easily repairable

The plan is next to remove the engine, gear box and the front and rear sub frames so they can be cleaned and painted.

I am not cutting any corners with this restoration as I want the car to be as best as it can be. The only thing that I will not be removing from the car is the head lining. MkIs were fitted with one of a vinyl material and these can not be sourced easily so it will be masked off before the shell goes off to the paint shop.

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