Life at the Summit: November 2014

VO14DPX-1It’s now November and the dark nights are here. So for those of you out there running their MG’s all year round, it makes sense to go through a few basic checks on your MG to make sure you’re safe on the roads.

Check you’re anti freeze level and strength, make sure your lights are all working and keep those lights clean so everyone else can see you coming!

At Summit, we’ve had a good October to follow on from September and have another 8 happy new MG3 customers who’ve taken delivery of their shiny new MG’s! So far this year, it seems that the most popular model is the top model MG3 Style or Style Lux  with 89% of sales coming from here. It looks like the £9999 price tag with superb specification is attracting most buyers?logo

While on the subject of MG3, we are taking lots of the competition in part exchange, Fiestas, Corsas, Mazda 2 owners all seem to be drawn by the funky styling of MG3, coupled with the massive savings over their previous brands new price! Just need a few more of you MG ZR & ZS fans to get the bug!


MG X-Power clockGraphics seem to be very much of a “Marmite” type of thing-you either love them or hate them, but the good thing is, everyone seems to love MG3!

Had to have the MG X-Power SV-R MOT’d a couple of weeks ago and have to say, went through with no advises! Celebrating it’s tenth birthday in December and surely is a testament to what British designers can do?

Lastly, I know you will have all put your clocks back by now, but thought I’d leave you with a picture of my MG X-Power clock…never misses a beat

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