Life at the Summit: October 2014

MG3-IN-GREY-1In this new series John Newey gives a look behind the scenes at an MG dealership.

Words and Pictures: John Newey

Hello everybody and here is the first edition of what I hope to be a regular feature. So then, what’s been happening at Summit Garage (Dudley) Ltd this last month then?

September seems to have come and gone in a whirlwind and we’ve been extremely busy with new MG, particularly MG3! In fact, I’ve just been told that Summit are top selling dealer in the region for September, which probably makes us top three for the country…well done lads (and lasses!). We took 21 orders for new MG, but only managed to deliver 18, the other three will go out early in October. I’ve added a picture of a line of MG3’s awaiting delivery to customers-feels like the “old days” with the busy new registration letter change that we used to see in many a August in years gone by!

Now then, onto this month. I walked through our showroom this morning and stopped to glance at the limited edition pencil and watercolour illustration of the “K” series engine by Bob Freeman, that hangs on our wall and thought I’d include a picture of that too.

October is the 25th anniversary of this brilliant piece of British design and innovation. The first MG to use the “K” series engine was the MGF in 1995 and many other manufacturers took on the engine too, including, Lotus, Caterham and Land Rover.



DSC03085Another topic of great interest right now is the start of paperless road fund licence and the confusion it seems to be causing!

Maybe this will all settle down as we get used to the new system? The main points of the new system are, quite simply, you tax your vehicle as before, but no longer have a tax disc.

The one other major change is that when you sell your car, the remainder of any tax paid is refunded to the owner and the new owner has to purchase road fund licence before driving the car away.

As for dealers, the one area of concern is that previously, the tax disc was a paper trail to make sure that every vehicle had been taxed and an obvious reminder if one hadn’t! I’ve decided to continue to use our tax disc holders, but to put a small paper advert instead of the tax disc- “another new MG from Summit Garage”-this will only be placed in the screen once we have taxed a vehicle for a customer and should help to keep us aware of which vehicles are taxed.


That’s all for this month folks, keep on enjoying your MG’s and if you need any advice, the guys at Summit are here to help!


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