Event review: Weston-Super Mare Beach Meet 2014

Words by Gary Page


Sometimes when ideas get discussed about a proposed get-togethers, on Facebook groups, the ideas go away, or enthusiasm for it dies off by the time the event happens. 

But my suggestion of having an MG Rover South West meet in Somerset to cater for our members in the east of the region quickly morphed into us going on the beach for the day with a whole load of great MG’ers from all over England & Wales.

Being an admin for 2 busy MG groups on Facebook, this made the job a lot easier, and helped make the event such a popular one, as both groups wanted to be involved from the off & the local knowledge of some group members really proved invaluable.

There were 2 main convoys to the meet; one from Exeter Services up the M5, meeting with South West club member’s on-route & the other set off bright & early from Hopwood Park services on the M42.  Others made their own way there from such places as North London, Swindon & South Wales.

As I hadn’t checked my diary when I set up the meet (I’d checked the MG scene calendar though!) I’d double booked myself & I ended up heading the convoy from Hopwood Park, so at 7:00am on a Saturday morning I’m sat at the services when most sensible people were in bed.

Knowing there is always a certain number of people who don’t attend, despite saying they will I was apprehensive, but soon feeling relieved as the MG’s & Rovers rolled in to the car park.

IMG_2371The convoy rolled out of Hopwood about 8:00 & consisted of a nice mixture of MG-R cars; a 220 Coupe, a Tomcat, 420 Turbo, a 75, 3 MGF’s, 4 MG ZR’s, a Trophy Yellow ZS, and DPL Roverlands MG ZT – it looked rather nice taking up all 3 lanes on the M5 road works!

We stopped at Michaelwood Services to meet up with people before heading to Weston, but sadly they were waiting on the northbound services so they made their own way in the end, note to self-next time, make instructions crystal clear.

The south convoy consisted of 4 ZR’s, 2 25’s “in drag” as ZR’s (they are both great replicas) and a very special Typhoon ZS, joined by the 2 ZT’s belonging to “locals” Gary & Nikki Hunt.

By the time I arrived at the beach (I got detached from the convoy and stuck in traffic) there were 30 cars on there, quite a sight, great variety of colours & specs too.  Later we were joined by others, who were unable to meet the convoys.

It was great to see one of the rarer MG colours on Matty Homeyard’s gorgeous Mk2 ZS in “dark fantasy”, there was also a gorgeous 52 plate TF in silver (didn’t get chance to chat to the owner) and Rash’s 75 tourer, complete with Roewe grille – looking good, despite being “work in progress”.

Final meet figure was 33 cars, others I know that wanted to come would have made it 40 plus, so we have said we will run an event there every year now & are already planning 2015, we will be organising a BBQ & drinks on the beach, for those who want to bring their dogs, they are allowed on the beach too, we are hoping to make it a family friendly day and build on it each year.


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