Event review: MG Saloon Day

Words and pictures: Ben HattonĀ 


MG’s Land at RAF Cosford Sunday 6th of July saw the MG Z register hold MG Saloon at the RAF Museum, Cosford. With good weather forecast for the day MG’s filled the museums car park from around 9am.

The day was mainly for the MG Z series of cars. The display being dominated by MG ZR’s ZT’s, ZTT-T’s and ZS’s. However other MG models also mad an appearance with a sizeable number of the latest MG 3 and MG 6 on display as well as the odd B and F for good measure. a sizeable presence was made this year by the MG FWD register who displayed some great examples of the often overlooked 80s era MG’s these included 2 Metros, an early MG Maestro, an MG Montego EFI and an MG Montego Turbo.

The cars were parked in groups of their respective model with a special area for the cars with Monogram paint work. All cars were open to judging by those who attended. This was done through ballot slips that were handed out upon entry. The areas judged were best ZR, best ZS, best ZT, best Monogram and best visiting car, visiting cars being those such as 6’s, 3’s, Metro’s and any other non Z series car that attended.

All who attended had access to all sections of the RAF museum. This proved to be a blessing for many as typical of British weather a heavy shower occurred at around 2pm. Thankfully it did not last long and people were soon back enjoying the cars on display.

Awards were handed out a the end of the day with awards being given for first, second and third places in all the areas that were judged. This was the only disappointing part to the day as it seem to be poorly organised. People gathered in front of the event stand at the time stated in the event programme. However there was a long delay of over half an hour before the awards commenced with no updates on what the delay was.

This did not distract from the fact that a great day was had by all who attended with a wide variety of MG’s on display.

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