Built not bought: Are you sitting comfortably?

In my last report I said I had been busy……

This was my next stop!

As much as I love the standard MG seats, the car was starting to out perform the seats, they were still all I could really ask for as a road seat being comfortable, look good, well made and with decent support.

But when it came to track work they were really out of their depth, especially as the cornering forces have been increasing and the lap times tumbling I found myself hanging on to the steering wheel for support. Not ideal and it was starting to impact on my enjoyment of trackdays as I knew the car had more pace in it but I couldn’t access it due to hanging for dear life!

So the search was on for better seats.  Some key requirements for new seats were:

*Lightest weight possible


*Aesthetically pleasing

These seats had to be the first and final choice as I really did not want to feel they would need changing in years to come…or sooner!

I had spent a long time looking through various websites, catalogues and shows trying to decide what to buy.

I was drawn to BuddyClub seats mainly due to their lightweight however after looking up their dimensions and even with ‘GT’ width they were going to be too small.

Whilst at a car show I came across the Cobra seats stand and was initially very impressed by the seats, I had had the Cobra Suzuka in mind when comparing the BuddyClub seats, but had not had the opportunity to ‘try’ them out.

I tried the Suzuka and it was very nice, but I wasn’t completely sold on it, I wanted to feel like I was sat in it a bit more, I then tried the Evolution! What a seat!

To be honest I was sold on the Evolution straight away, it just felt right, I had a little concern regarding my shoulder clearance with the head guards, but with the Cobra Pro-Fit system I could choose the individual cushion size to accommodate me best, after speaking with Mark who was very friendly, knowledgable I chose my cushion size and a little bit of haggling I got a very good deal for two seats, two 6 point Cobra harnesses, Cobra 4mm steel side mounts and of course the lovely VAT! And free postage.

Fast forward to Monday the 3rd of June 2013 and I arrived at Cobra for them to fit my seats.

Adam was the man tasked with my fitting. He started on the passenger side first.

I’ve two pictures here of the Cobra Evolution next to the MG seat

And from the rear…

Adam working his magic! He was a little camera shy!

Adams worked his magic and the passenger seat is in. Just look at the difference to the MG seat.

This next picture is both MG seats out, and the Cobra’s were out having their mounts finalised…

The fitting went very well and the seats have been mounted on runners for easier use.

Mark kindly treated me and my wife to lunch whilst we were waiting and I must say everybody at Cobra were lovely, I really couldn’t recommend them highly enough, I am very pleased with the Evolutions, they are very comfy, light and certainly won’t be getting changed soon or ever!

A bonus aswell that the seats and harnesses are all FIA approved.

One very pleased owner and the Managing director!



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