Built not bought – bigger better brakes

Ollie’s adding bigger brakes to his ZS this week with what could be the ultimate braking set-up for the MG ZS.

Words and Pics: Ollie Kirk

With the view of my car becoming the Ultimate and the future increase in performance, I knew I would need that little extra braking performance.

My current spec is GBE’s excellent 310mm Wilwood 4 pot caliper setup.

This is my new setup!

  331MM Wilwood discs on Alloy full floating bells anodised gold! (Incl the brackets)

Go on then, another picture!

I must say the increase in braking performance is just what I was hoping for! Some people had questioned would I notice any extra gain in braking performance with ‘just’ 21mm extra bigger discs, Well I certainly have and would highly recommend looking at this as a future upgrade.

I have also fitted brake ducting to the front brakes, ducting running from either side of the radiator to just under the caliper where the disc will be at it hottest.

These 331mm discs are the largest the Wilwood caliper can accommodate!

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