MG owners help drive sales

Hynes_01Ever keen to exploit the old adage ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’  members of the MG Car Club’s 635 Register offered to help MG Motor by showing off their cars at the most recent BTCC meet. 6 and 3 owner Steve Haines explains…

MG Motor had asked the MG Car Club’s 635 Register if any members were interested in displaying their own cars on the MG Motor stand during the weekend to assist them with enquiries from the public.

With plenty of interest and enthusiasm for us owners to talk up our cars, we were kept busy all day Saturday and Sunday with a massive amount of interest from the public.

MG Motor reported on the Saturday that “The sun is beaming beautifully here in sunny Hampshire at the BTCC qualifying day. We’ve been joined for the next two days by real MG customers from the Car Club register promoting exactly why they love their MG3 and MG6. Don’t take it from me, come and enjoy tomorrow’s racing in the sunshine and ask the owners who voted the MG6 the best handling car in the UK (and sixth best car overall) why you should stop hesitating and join them!”

10302517_10203273879040717_4239863883692883424_nWith the weather being very kind to us all as we were all little bleary eyed from a 5am start, the day warmed up, but unfortunately no such luck for MG KX Fuel Save on the track as it seems the MG6 isn’t best suited to Thruxton! Darn those pesky Hondas…..

MG Motor reported on Facebook on Sunday “Off the track we’re having an absolutely superb day with the MG customers presenting their cars to the interested public. Huge thanks to the owners from the MG Car Club MGCC 635 Register who are making a huge success of the day and lending that bit of extra branding to the side of the Thruxton circuit!”

The Quantel Bifold team had kindly agreed to meet with us and we were shown around the pit garage by none other than Marc Hynes himself on the Sunday. He made steady progress over the weekend, no doubt because of our words of advice and support before the races! This is my son and massive MG and BTCC fan, Matt Haines with Marc  and his MG6

10329296_10203273871200521_2568115644793206495_nMG Motor looked after us well over the weekend, with food and hospitality on the Saturday and a guided tour of Sam and Jason’s cars by 888 on the Sunday. Everyone is hanging on Tony’s every word as we try to spot what’s the same as our MG6’s!

What a fantastic weekend at Thruxton. Two great days of MG owners and MG Motor working in harmony talking to potential customers about their experiences of owenership and showing them some of the features of their own cars. Massive thanks to all the owners that were involved on both days, you all deserve a big pat on the back and a lie in! I know the initial feedback from MG Motor has been overwhelming and a huge success. I’m sure we can do more of this type of thing in the future. Lastly a word for Steves Cleenz Dobson who worked hard all day keeping the cars spotlessly clean.

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