Car Club call for endangered species


The MG Car Club is on the lookout for some of the rarest cars to wear the octagon with relaunch of its Front Wheel Drive Register.

The Club’s registers are designed to cater for the many different cars produced by MG over its 89 year history with every model covered from the MGB through to the latest MG6.

The Front Wheel Drive Register, which has been dormant for several years, covers the MG 1100 and 1300, Metro, Maestro and Montego which rank as some the most-endangered MGs on the road.

In terms of numbers, around 200 1100 and 1300s are believed to be on the road, with around 60 Maestro 2.0 and 20 Montegos. The rarest examples being the MG Maestro 1600 and the Montego Turbo, with less than 10 currently listed as on the road.

autowp.ru_mg_metro_1300_1The MG 1100 launched in 1962, while the 1300 became an option in 1967. It was part of the ADO16 range, making it part of the most popular cars in Britain during the 1960s and 70s. It was followed in May 1982 by the MG Metro, a car that played a key role in keeping the MG name alive following Abingdon’s closure. It was joined in 1983 by MG Maestro 1600, the Maestro EFi and Montego EFi and Turbo in 1984. Finally, 500 Maestro Turbos were built between 1988 and 1991.

Clearly these cars are in danger of disappearing all together, which is why the MGCC has chosen to act. “The FWD Register has been dormant for a number of years,” said Club General Manager Julian White. “This year will be a very important one for the club with the 90th birthday celebrations for MG, so we thought it time we look at the FWD Register once again.”

With this in mind the club is reaching out to its members and the classic car community in general to find all the road-worthy cars within the registers remit.

The newly-relaunched register hopes to hold its first get together in early 2014, while the Maestro 2.0EFi and the Montego will both turn 30.

If you’re an owner of one of these cars the club would love to hear from you, they can be reached via email at

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