DVD: ‘MGB50: A Year To Remember’


The most professional, exciting, and in depth film about the MGB ever made, limited to 1000 copies.

The film features:

MGB:The story: Multi-camera coverage of this brilliant seminar evening in Abingdon featuring Paddy Hopkirk, Alec Poole, Don Hayter, Bill Price, Den Green, Peter Browning, John Yea and Graham Robson. This was a fantastic night of memories and laughter which, uniquely, told the story of the MGB through the eyes of those who made the history at the time. It was a heartfelt amusing and absorbing evening’s entertainment which will never happen again. If you missed it this DVD captures the special atmosphere of this unrepeatable evening.

MGB 50th Birthday Celebration at Blenheim Palace: MGB50 committee chairman and organiser John Watson guides us through the event. RV8 Powertrain Manager Ian Pogson talks in detail about the RV8’s design and development process. Also interviews with owners and enthusiasts attending the show and a montage showing the sheer quantity of MGBs attending, which was breathtaking, as this was surely the largest ever gathering of MGBs.

Richard Thompson’s wonderful song ‘MGBGT':  John was given special permission to use the song by Richard Thompson himself after emailing him through his website. John is a big Richard Thompson fan and has seen him in concert at least 9 times (plus seeing him perform at Cropredy Festival with Fairport) so this was a really big thrill. When John and experienced BBC Editor Victoria Storey got the message from America they literally danced around the edit suit in delight as they knew it would make such a difference to the film. He’s a top man and one of the most gifted songwriters Britain has ever produced.

How the MGB was built: Former factory workers describe the building of MGBs at Abingdon in detail. Using fantastic BMIHT archive footage of the factory, some of which has never been seen before, a group of workers who met up at MGB50 talk through MGB production stage by stage as they remember it. A really fascinating sequence which shows just how well MG at Abingdon functioned and what great spirit the place had.

MGB 50 Celebration Race: A unique race for FIA MGBs and ex-works cars. Fantastic coverage of this one off race using numerous on-board minicams and circuit based cameras plus an audio feed from the track side commentator. Featuring an epic battle between well known MGB racers Malcolm Gammons and Jeremy Cottingham.

MGLlve! 2012: Silverstone’s MGB50 celebration including the MGB 50 Birthday party which featured legendary journalist and author Graham Robson interviewing the MGB’s designer Don Hayter. Also interviews with owners and coverage of other MGB 50 related events from this weekend.

MG LE50 Launch: The Frontline MG LE50 was launched at the NEC Classic Car Show in November 2011 and John managed to capture the event on film. This includes a detailed interview with Frontline’s Ed Braclik about the LE50’s development and specification.

Owner profiles:  Real stories from owners who love their MGBs including an ex LeMans car, the CGT prototype, a Police BGT V8, an owner who bought his roadster new in 1971 and is the only person ever to drive it, a Coune Berlinette and many more.

Archive from The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust: Throughout the film archive footage brings to life sections on every aspect of the MGB’s history from the successful works racing and rallying efforts to the car’s design and development, the false start of the O-Series prototypes and the Aston Martin made one off proposal through to rebirth as the RV8.   

How to Purchase
This is a limited edition once only run of a 1000 copies, so make sure you don’t miss out and order your copy of ‘MGB50: A Year to Remember’ now.

They are sure to be sold out before Christmas so don’t delay!

It is available from the MG Car Club shop, the MG Owners Club shop and directly from John Lakey on both Amazon and eBay. Just type in the title and you will find it.

It costs £14.99 plus £2.50 postage in UK and £6.00 worldwide.

If you love MGs you won’t be disappointed!

It also makes the perfect present for any MG enthusiast who is sure to watch it over and over again.


John Lakey’s Biog

Well known BBC TV Producer John R. Lakey was indoctrinated, in a positive way, to MGs in childhood by ‘Uncle’ Ted Lund of MGA LeMans (SRX 210) fame who was a distant relative but very much a hero to the young John. He’s driven and owned  MGs since he was 17 and currently owns 4 MGBs including a V8GT, a roadster fitted with a Fiat twin-cam and an as yet unfinished trackday/racing BGT. He also uses a standard BGT as his everyday car (pictured here with MGB designer Don Hayter outside Don’s house) and can never imagine being without an MGB.

After studying film and photography John joined the BBC in 1997 to work on Top Gear as a trainee researcher and in a 16 year BBC staff career worked on Racing Legends, Gears and Tears (which he created), Top Gear, Panic Mechanics, The Car’s the Star and many other top motoring shows as well as doing stints on various other BBC programmes such as Country File, Country Tracks, To Buy or Not to Buy and SAS Secrets as a cameraman. He is now freelance and is currently working on a forthcoming documentary about British motoring history.

He was passionately committed to making this film about his favourite sports car as he felt someone should record the events of the MGB50 year and so self funded the project which, even if it sells out, will not make a profit!

Using BBC trained technical staff he has produced an entertaining professional quality film, which covers all aspects of the MGB50 celebrations, purely as a labour of love and has enjoyed the experience a great deal.

I Love MG will be reviewing the DVD soon – look for a review in the coming weeks. 

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