MG3: Your questions answered

_MGL0240aPrior to the MG3 launch some of you posted questions you’d like answered by MG on the I Love MG Facebook page.

I Love MG grabbed a chat with Sales and Marketing Director Guy Jones to ask him your questions.

Many asked if there will be alternative engines and gearboxes offered in the 3, such as diesel, a hybrid, or a lower powered version.

Guy Jones said  “There are plans to extend the range of engines. I think people are aware of our joint venture with General Motors, but I can’t confirm anything today.” He also confirmed that there are no plans to offer an automatic version of the 3. Automatics in this sector, said Guy, are something of a premium and MG currently does not have the volume to offer these premiums.


Another popular question is whether or not a three-door version of the MG3 is a possibility. The short answer, is no. “This would require significant investment at the ‘Body in white’ stage,” said Guy, something MG do not believe is warranted. “The MG3’s ability to look sporty and retain the practicality of a five-door is a testament to its styling. Of all the feedback we’ve had about the car, nobody has said it doesn’t look sporty” he added.

People have also asked if the MG3 Xross ‘soft-roader’, currently sold in China and several other global markets (particularly South America) might be added to the range. Well, the Xross is available to MG Motor UK should they wish to broaden the range in the future, Jones explained “We could take the Xross (pronounced Cross) but we want to firmly establish the 3 first.”

MG feel that introducing the Xross could muddy the waters. “We will assess it,” says Jones. “It’s a styling exercise and there are some differences with the Xross. The question is ‘Does the Xross give us anything more for the extra investment needed to add it to the range’ Maybe in a few years” adds Jones.

Finally, some have been wondering if the MG3 will follow the 6 into motorsport. Guy Jones said “We’d love to see the 3 compete, but at the moment we have no plans for competition other than the British Touring Car Championship. d9b8c8e9-d747-4e90-8d8c-dab11e74124eWorld Rally is big, big money and we need to achieve strong sales before we can consider anything like that.”

Jones did confirm, however, that MG are working closely at club level to get the MG3 into the hands of club racers and out on track.

MG3s are en route from Longbridge to MG dealers across the UK, with demonstrators at most dealers now. You can find one here.


4 responses on MG3: Your questions answered

  1. I think not considering Automatics is a retrograde step. MGUK must be the only manufacturer in the in the UK not to offer this option.

  2. Many asked if there will be alternative engines and gearboxes offered in the 3, such as diesel, a hybrid, or a lower powered version.

    What?! Everyone is asking if there will be a higher powered version!

    1. True, Craig, there has been plenty of chat about a quicker MG3. The same answer applies – there are other engine options available for the car, but MG wouldn’t confirm anything more on that subject.

  3. Ive only just realised that he said there ‘are’ plans to extend the engine range. I originally thought he said that there werent.

    This is excellent news.

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